In what has become the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic, sub-Saharan Africa alone is home to more than 3 million HIV/AIDS-related deaths during 2003 – twice the number of the rest of the world combined. Many students, political activists and celebrities have collaborated in recent years to bring education and treatment to this poverty-stricken part of the world. Several activities aimed to raise awareness about the epidemic are planned worldwide today, during World AIDS Day. More than one in five pregnant women are infected with HIV/AIDS in many South African countries as the epidemic continues to tighten its hold on the region, according to a UNAIDS report released Nov. 25. UNAIDS is a United States organization that coordinates efforts to combat AIDS. An estimated 26.6 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have HIV, the report stated. Southern Africa, which houses 2 percent of the world’s population, is home to 30 percent of people worldwide suffering from the epidemic.”

Want some facts?
22 years after the first cases of the disease were reported, the devastating epidemic continues to affect more people around the world than ever before:

  • 40 million of people living with HIV/AIDS globally
  • 5 million of new HIV infections in 2003-12-14
  • 3 million of deaths due to HIV/AIDS in 2003-12-1

Want some details?
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