The Brood of Evil – EDP 9

The nasty poison dwarf Van Bullock rules the Spanish underworld with ice-cold methods.
Who does not play by his rules, lands on the final list and get visit from his evil bat Komo!
In order to gain world domination in drug smuggling, he wants to use a nondescript karate school as a transit point,
which belongs to the undefeated karate teacher Frank Mertens. But Van Bullock has done the bill without Mertens,
because he does not want to sell and is fearlessly the sneaky attacks of the drug barons in the way.
With the help of the seductive Cora, Van Bullock lures him into a hopeless trap, but when Mertens sees through the intrigue,
The Peaceable Karate Teacher turns into an unstoppable fighting machine.
Driven by the desire for revenge, Frank Mertens tackles the toughest fight of his life!

Accurate 4k scan of the original negative, elaborately restored by LSP Medien!
Battle proven original format in 1.66: 1!
Steel Acoustic with the German dubbing and the original sound in lossless DTS-HD MA!
Full and optional subtitles, available in German and English!
An invincible runtime of 85 minutes shows the fastest hits in the world without censorship!

Technical data in detail:


image format: 1080p/23.976fps/AVC/1.66:1
Sound: Deutsch, Englisch DTS-HD MA Mono
subtitle: Deutsch, Englisch
running time: 85 minutes

image format: PAL/1.66:1/16:9 anamorph
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono
subtitle: Deutsch, Englisch
running time: 82 minutes


WORLD PREMIERE of the previously unknown EXTENDED VERSION!

Experience DIE BRUT DER BÖSEN for the first time with a total of 14 minutes more film, more Frank Mertens and more Van Bullock!
Provided by LSP media with a 4k transfer and elaborately restored!

1080p / 23.976fps / AVC / 1.66: 1/99 minutes
Sound format: German, English DTS-HD MA mono
Subtitle: German, English

– Audio commentary by Alexander Iffländer and Christopher Klaese!
Over the entire duration of the film, both of you provide exciting information about the participants,
the soundtrack and the genesis of THE BROTH OF EVIL.
Language: German with optional subtitles, optionally in German and English.

– Isolated music track!
Digitized from the original 17.5mm magnetic tape.

– International promotion material incl.
-> German Trailer
-> English trailer
-> TV Spot

– Interview with Christian Anders!
Most of all, Christian Anders reports on the shooting of the film.
Language: German with optional subtitles, optionally in German and English.

– Interview with Wolfgang Schütte!
Frank Merten’s best friend Thomas in conversation.
Germany’s martial arts legend Wolfgang Schütte tells about the film,
his career and the hardest moment of his life.
Language: German with optional subtitles, optionally in German and English.

– Interview with Deep Roy!
Small, but very big! VAN BULLOCK is back!
Language: English with optional German subtitles.

– Extensive picture gallery including:
-> Poster motifs
-> poster photos
-> press photos
-> International Advertising Material


– Exclusive booklet for the computer Digipak, written by David Renske.

Disc 3:

The ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK on a separate CD! – Only included in Digipak!

To get the tracks into the new millennium, the original tapes had to be “baked” for several days to make them playable again. Digitized they were then dubbed in 192kHz / 24bit and promise a listening pleasure.
The full soundtrack with restored tracks takes you to the “DEAD END”!
A CD that should satisfy both the Unterwegshörer and the audiophiles!

29,99 € plus shipping costs


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