LANOO (Christian Anders) German singer, composer, author, actor and director. Sold about 20 million records, wrote over 900 songs, 5 scripts, 18 books; directed and starred in 9 films, wrote 2 musicals, one play (“The Man Who Created AIDS”) and one symphony, the “Malibu-Symphony”. Disappointed with fame and fortune, LANOO left Europe and escaped to Los Angeles, where he became homeless for several months. But his spiritual teacher, Beatrice Flemming, told LANOO that he was selected to spread the Truth by writing “THE BOOK OF LIGHT”, prevedic Science, the reawakened mother scripture from whence sprang, though distorted and misinterpreted, all religions and sciences known to mankind. After Lanoo, with the help of his wife Lynne and his friends Loyce, ?akti, Chaitanya, Bob and Michael, had fulfilled his mission, Chris Ashford produced with Lanoo an album of spiritual songs titled “Lanoo – Alive in America.” Once this was done, Lanoo was confronted with an new challenge. On his Weekly Century, Continental and United Cable TV shows, “Lanoo on The Book of Light”, he interviewed Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. and Robert B. Strecker, M.D., Ph.D. They declared on his show that AIDS is a man-made disease created in laboratories and injected in gays and blacks. Lanoo researched for over three years. All investigations led to one man – Dr. Wolf Szmuness and to the book “THE MAN WHO CREATED AIDS.” Now, back in Germany, Lanoo continues composing, singing and writing. Up to now he has finished some very interesting books about very different topics. He produced a beautiful esoteric song, called THE MANTRA. And his publisher starts to publish THE BOOK OF LIGHT in German. Volume 1 is available now.

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